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Windsurf Accessories

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Windsurf Accessories

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Windsurf accessories are an important part of any windsurfer’s setup. While you need the board, mast and boom, it is equally vital that you have the wetsuit, rigging, and dagger boards as well. Dagger boards are a piece of equipment that is much more important than their size would indicate. They provide stability and control for the windsurfer. A dagger board protrudes from the bottom of the board near the back. A board may use as few as one dagger board, or upwards of five in other cases. The dagger board is an important windsurfing accessory because while windsurfing, the board itself is planning, which means it sits on top of the water rather than plowing through it. This lowers the drag that water creates on the board, but it also lowers the maneuverability of the board. The dagger boards give a windsurfer purchase against which they can turn, which is why they are so important.

Other windsurfing accessories are more ergonomically oriented, such as boots and gloves. While a good set of boots and gloves don’t seem like they’d make that big of a difference, your hands and feet are the interface you use to interact with your board and boom. A solid grip with both makes you more maneuverable and stable. For those just starting out, that can make the difference that creates an enjoyable first experience.