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Windsurf Boards

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Windsurf Boards

Windsurf Boards

Buying your own windsurf boards is a big step when converting from windsurf hobbyist to serious sport. Before you make the plunge and purchase one or more boards, there is a process you should follow.

The very first thing is to go out and take a windsurfing lesson. You will want to make sure you are spending money on something you really want to do.

After your lesson, if you still feel that windsurfing is something you want to get serious about, ask your instructor what equipment he/she uses and where it is purchased. If you have an expert at hand, you might as well go ahead and take advantage of that.

Next, determine exactly what kind of windsurfing you might be doing. If you are a beginner, it is best to begin with a flat board. As you progress, you could move on to course boards, which are designed for racing on courses. There are also speed boards, wave boards and slalom boards. But again, your instructor will be able to best guide you on which windsurf boards will best suit you.

The sail is the next piece of windsurf equipment you’ll need. You can choose between having either a hard sail or a soft sail. If you choose a hard sail, you will notice that you have access to more power and better speed. On the other hand, a soft sail is usually much easier to control. Some sails incorporate features from both of these kinds of sails.

By following these steps, you will be able to find the right kinds of windsurf boards that suit your needs.