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Windsurfing Harnesses

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Windsurfing Harnesses

Windsurfing Harnesses

Windsurfing harnesses connect the rider to the rig. These vital components of windsurfing gear are what make it possible to ride the waves while attached to a sail and board. This connecting piece of equipment makes the whole experience possible. Without a harness, a surfer would not be able to keep holding onto the board and the sail at the same time.

Because of the importance of the harness, it’s a good idea to find the right harness. Each windsurfer will have a personal preference. It comes down to experience, fit, stability and comfort. There are four main types of windsurfing harnesses. They vary in where and how they are worn on the body.

The chest harness which looks a lot like a vest.

The backside harness which fits over the rear and includes padding for the back.

The seat harness also fits around the backside and has straps between the legs.

The waist harness which fits around the waist and provides support for the lower back.

Most beginning windsurfers opt for a chest harness because it provides optimal support for learning. It is also easy to put on and can be combined with an impact vest. This type of vest can offer the ultimate in protection and safety.

The waist harness is typically used by more experienced windsurfers. It gives more freedom of movement. A windsurfer that enjoys doing flips, rotations and other stunts will like the ease and flexibility of this harness.

The seat harness is also called the crossover harness. The backside harness and the seat harness are similar because they are both worn around the rear. There is some back support, but less than provided by the chest harness.

It’s important to carefully choose a windsurfing harness. This piece of equipment is essential, so take care to get the fit right. If you are new to the sport, you should seek the help of an experienced windsurfer to help you find the right harness for your needs. Fit is important, so try on the harness and become familiar with how it fastens. Getting the right fit will ensure comfort and safety.

If you visit a local surf shop, be sure to ask for help in getting into your harness. Those familiar with windsurfing harnesses will be able to assist you as you find the right size, style and fit of harness. These aspects are essential for a successful experience on the water.

Many people opt to shop for their harnesses online. You may be able to save money by ordering online, especially if you take advantage of online deals or end-of-season savings.

If you choose to purchase online, take care to determine the kind and size of harness best suited for you before you click on the order button. Often, this process will entail looking at manufacturer’s sizing charts and visiting a local surf gear store. Once you find the harness you prefer, take note of all the particulars – the style, size and any other distinguishing features so that you can easily find that model online.