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Windsurf Boards
Buying your own windsurf boards is a big step when converting from windsurf hobbyist to serious sport.

The sailboard has evolved considerably over the decades.

Windsurf Board
The windsurf board has evolved considerably over the years.

Windsurfing Board
When it comes to a windsurfing board, there are many styles from which to choose.

Windsurf Online Shop
A windsurf online shop sells a variety of windsurfing goods.

Windsurf Equipment
When you shop for windsurf equipment, it is wise to consider buying package deals.

Kiteboarding Equipment
There is a vast amount of very special kiteboarding equipment. For newcomers to the sport, it can be helpful to break this huge amount of information into smaller chunks.

Kiteboarding Boards
Kiteboardering athletes are not identical, which is why kiteboarding boards are available in differing sizes and proportions. The differences in boards are not only related to the size of the boarder, but some also relate to differences in weather and water conditions.


Windsurf Bag
A windsurf bag can be a real convenience.

Kiteboarding DVD
A kiteboarding dvd can open your eyes to this amazing sport.

Windsurfing Shop
A windsurfing shop is a great place to pick up gear and advice on windsurfing.

Windsurf Board Bag
A windsurf board bag is a great investment, it will protect and keep track of your supplies while you’re not using them.


Kiteboarding Harness
A kiteboarding harness is highly recommended for anyone that wishes to try kiteboarding.

Windsurf Wetsuits
Windsurf wetsuits come in a variety of designs.

Windsurf Booms
Windsurf booms are an important piece of equipment for windsurfing. If you are just beginning your adventure into windsurfing, you will need to learn a few terms.

Windsurf Clothes
Windsurf clothes are more commonly known as wetsuits or dry suits.

Windsurf Shoes
Windsurf shoes improve performance and are a valuable piece of safety equipment as well.

Windsurf Gear
Windsurf gear makes windsurfing more fun.

Windsurfing Gloves
Windsurfing gloves improve your grip under the wet, windy conditions prevalent in the sport.


Windsurfing Mast
The windsurfing mast is a tall pole that can range in height but has a similar diameter.

Windsurf Mast Foot
A windsurf mast foot is where the mast and board meet.

Windsurfing Booms
Windsurfing booms are almost exclusively wishbone booms.

Windsurfing Foot Straps
Windsurfing foot straps give you an added layer of security for your footing.

Windsurf DVD
A windsurf DVD can either teach you the basics, or show you how the pros do it.


Windsurf Sails
Windsurf sails are simple and complicated all at the same time. It takes a lot of knowledge about sails to decide exactly which kind is best for you.

Windsurfing Sails
Windsurfing sails come in several different varieties.

Windsurfing Boom
The windsurfing boom supports the sail. It also provides a place for the sailor to hang on.

Windsurf Harness
A windsurf harness is a vital piece of windsurfing equipment. The harness is what attaches you to the sail or boom.

Kiteboarding Kites
Tending to your kiteboarding kites prevents damage and prolongs the life of the kites. As with so many things, a little precaution and care will prevent damage to your investment.


Windsurfing Tips
One of the most important of all windsurfing tips is to remain relaxed. Tension is not the friend of the windsurfer as it needlessly wastes energy.

Windsurfing Rig
A windsurfing rig is made of many different parts.

Windsurfing Wetsuits
Windsurfing wetsuits can vary considerably in price.

Windsurf Store
A windsurf store can sell you anything from a whole new rig, to spare parts for the one you have.

Windsurf Roof Rack
A windsurf roof rack prevents both your vehicle and your board from harming each other.

Windsurf Wetsuit
A windsurf wetsuit is recommended for any windsurfer.

Windsurfing DVD
A windsurfing DVD showcases pros in a variety of windsurfing situations.

Windsurf Accessories
Windsurfing accessories range from the inane to the essential.

Windsurfing Parts
Windsurfing parts are the little things, like cord, fasteners, fins, and the like that make windsurfing possible.

Windsurfing Harnesses
Windsurfing harnesses keep you safe.

Windsurfing Boards
Buying new windsurfing boards is pricey. A new board can cost a lot of money.

Windsurf Shop
If you’re interested in taking up windsurfing, a windsurf shop might be your first stop.

Windsurf Cat
When considering a windsurf cat, it’s a good idea to look at the catamaran version compared with the more common surfboard mount for windsurfing.

Kiteboarding Gear
Novice kiteboarders should familiarize themselves with kiteboarding gear. The equipment for this exciting sport is comprised of a few main subgroups.