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Windsurfing rig

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Windsurfing rig

Windsurfing Rig

A proper windsurfing rig is made up of many different components. The most obvious pieces are the board and the sail, as these are the most basic requirements for windsurfing. However, there are also a number of other important components as well.

The board and the sail are the most important parts of any windsurfing rig. Boards are available in many different styles, depending on one’s riding preferences. Likewise, sails can be found in different configurations, each suited to a specific riding style or condition.

The harness is also an important part of a windsurfing rig. The harness is what connects the rider to the board and sail, and while not “essential”, they are highly recommend for both performance and safety. These harnesses can be purchased through any windsurfing specialty shop.