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Windsurf wetsuits

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Windsurf wetsuits

Windsurf Wetsuits

Windsurf wetsuits can be of tremendous benefit to a windsurfer. They provide a layer of protection against cold water and can make a day on the lake much more comfortable. The right type of wetsuit to buy depends largely on the conditions in which one will be riding.

Thickness is very important when it comes to windsurf wetsuits. As a general rule of thumb, the thicker the material the more insulation it will provide. Therefore, the colder the water or weather, the thicker one’s wetsuit should be.

The type of stitching used on the varying windsurf wetsuits can also make an impact on their performance. Simple, stitched seals are only recommended for warm water, usually above sixty degrees. For colder water, sealed seams are highly recommended.